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Creative concept, art director, designer


Carlsberg Vietnam

Tuborg is a Danish brewing company under Carlsberg Group. In Vietnam, the brand markets to the young affluent Hanoians as the advocate for music. The beer is proud of its bottle cap which can be pulled open without any tools and positioned itself as the fun starter of parties. Hence the brand tagline: “Open for fun”.

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The brand was struggling to gain market share in Hanoi due to well-established competitors. The market research also showed that the brand message of “Open for fun” is not well understood by consumers due to a lack of activation idea. Therefore, we need to develop a distinctive “Open for fun” creative idea that will be the foundation for Tuborg’s music platform.

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To escalate the drinking spirit, local drinkers usually chant or sing a rhythmic song or poem before or during the party. Inspired by the Hanoian drinking culture, the team & I would create our ritual of Open For Fun Drinking Chant as our fun starter. This chant will serve as a music asset as well wherein indie artists/KOLs spread the Tuborg’s Drinking Chant with their improvisations.

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With the chant established, the next phase in the campaign would empower the audience to improvise their own version of the chant with the promotional help of KOLs & popular underground rappers in combination of online & offline competitions. The chant would then become an integral part of the local culture.

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