RMIT Creative Experience Day 2018

Event strategy, concept, landing page & design

RMIT Vietnam Saigon South

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RMIT Creative Experience Day is the annual event hosted by RMIT University Vietnam that invites prospect high school students and their parents to experience and learn about the university’s creative programs & its facilities through a series of workshops, information sessions & one-on-one consultations with the university.


Every Experience Day required a theme/concept that resonates with potential students & their parents.


Every creative want to create something of their own & have their work recognised and appreciated by their acquaintances & communities. With that insight, I created a platform that empowered anyone to express & share their creativities. The event landing page became an open canvas on which users could draw their pieces of artwork that they can share on social media. Those drawings were also collected by RMIT marketing department to be used on all event materials, from social media posts, printed invitations to the decorations of the event itself. Creative Experience Day became an open exhibition of its audience's creativities.

Create your own masterpiece in this demo!


The event was a success, with over 2000 registrations, high turn-up rate despite heavy rain from the coming storm on the day of the event. The audiences also had fun looking around the campus for their featured artworks.