Based in Saigon, Vietnam, I help businesses & organizations to achieve clarity of identity, to differentiate from the competition & to make a stance with their own voices by designing resonating creative solutions that touches the heart & empower both the businesses & their audiences.



Whenever I was asked with the question “What do you do?”, I often joked that “I do everything”, which does have some truth to it. I have experiences working on both the agency & the client sides and learned through the hard way. Let’s say that I’m more or less a one man studio.

I worked on integrated advertising campaigns, brand strategy & identity, mobile app & website, prints, publications, photography, video shooting & editing & everything else inbetween.
Throughout the years, I’ve got the chance to pitch & work with many clients, some of which includes:

Nescafe, Nestlé NAN, Dulux, Tuborg (Carlsberg), Phillip Morris, RMIT University Vietnam


Drawing of Hong Nhat

I’m happy to learn more out your business, to help you solve your business problem by empowering your brand & your audience through meaningful ideas, fueled with great designs. If you think that we might be a good fit, please let me know!